Solving Problems for California's Future

Innovation State is a non-profit organization whose goal is to develop a network of elected officials, academic leaders, business leaders, and organizations committed to framing policy initiatives that will grow California’s innovation economy.

Developing California's Vision

California has no long-run economic strategy based on developing our innovation economy, let’s build it together. The time has come to create a forward-looking economic plan and act on it, to create a more economically vigorous and vibrant state for its citizens.

2016 Global Innovative Perspective

Creating a California Consensus

Our goal is to create a common agenda that can propel the state forward beyond party politics. Our vision is to create a bipartisan economic agenda focused on California’s growing innovation economy. Planning for an economically advanced society takes thoughtful guidance and input from diverse perspectives.

Acting on a Strategic Vision

Implementing a strategic vision for California’s economy takes years of dedication towards building bipartisan support for legislation backed up by sound data. We work directly with California legislators to assist in the implementation of specific policies that will vastly improve California’s future economic climate.