Ian Calderon

California's 57th District Representative

“I authored AB 582 California’s first entrepreneur-in-residence act, to reinvigorate California’s internal operations to bring more innovation into government so that we can spur efficiencies and greater private sector involvement. “

Evan Low

California's 22nd District Representative

“My colleagues and I have launched the California Tech & Innovation Caucus for the state of California, to focus on policies that will promote the next generation’s economy.”

Kevin Mullin

California's 22nd District Representative

Innovation has been the cornerstone of the district I represent, serving as the birthplace of the biopharmaceutical industry in California. It is critical that California as a state supports high tech community that sets us apart from the rest of the nation. Without people who are willing to risk capital and push forward with new ideas that improve society, we would not be where we are today. My vision is to progress our intellectual assets and expand our highly skilled workforce, and create a future of innovation that attracts the best and brightest to help our economy grow.

Cathleen Galgiani

California's 5th District Senator

“Innovation is critical for California’s future success. I have been a strong supporter of the innovation economy as a pathway to bring California back as a world economic leader. In my legislative district we historically have had high unemployment rates and one of the best ways to create more jobs is through innovation. Along with our new UC Merced campus, one of our prize attributes is the Port of Stockton, which is the largest interior port in the State of California. We need to ensure that through government working with industry we can come up with creative solutions to our job crisis.”

Phil Ting

California's 19th Assembly District Representative

San Francisco’s growth and low unemployment rate are a clear indication of the power of innovation. If we increase the principals of innovation in California, it will undoubtedly increase the economic well-being of the state as a whole.

Ben Hueso

California's 40th District Senator

“Representing a district that shares a border with Mexico, I have seen firsthand the importance that trade plays with foreign countries, even beyond Mexico. Many of these countries depend upon U.S. exports, especially for such products as pharmaceuticals and electronics, many of which were developed in California. These are just a few products that California is known for and which truly make us the Innovation State.”

Bill Quirk

California's 20th Assembly District Representative

“As a scientist and educator, I clearly understand the importance of research and development. They are critical tools in developing innovative products and services that improve our society’s quality of life. California has the best institutions in the world that have contributed basic research to countless entrepreneurs and growing industries. We need to recognize the contributions that innovation plays in our economy.”

Sebastian Ridley-Thomas

California's 54th Assembly District Representative

“If we are to bring young people in our communities opportunities to have a bright future, we have to take into account California’s strong innovation economy. By the same token, we need to innovate government to ensure that services are provided in the most friendly and efficient manner possible. We need to focus on a future economic strategy to nurture our innovators; otherwise, we will not be able to compete globally.”



Adam Gray

California's 21st Assembly District Representative

“We need a resurgence of economic growth in the Central Valley and the innovation economy holds the key to our future success. We need to begin to develop industry clusters where none exist today to diversify our economy for the future. By encouraging more companies to conduct R&D in California we will be able to boost California’s job growth and competitive edge.”



Travis Allen

California's 72nd Assembly District Representative

“My experience as a financial planner has taught me that a serious investor always develops a plan and strategy for securing one’s financial future. The same goes for California, if we don’t develop a strategy to increase innovation in California we will be reducing our long-term stability and cutting ourselves short. It’s time we take actions to increase California’s economic potential by reducing the costs of business.”

Susan Eggman

California's 13th Assembly District Representative

“Education is the pathway for California’s future success and our innovation economy will be providing the job opportunities our young people so desperately need in our community. My local mission is to bring the job growth that exists in other areas of the state such as Silicon Valley to my district. There is no reason we should not set a high standard for our community, however, it takes everyone working together for a common vision.”

Jerry Hill

California's 13th District Senator

“The 13th district is truly the hub of innovation in United States and as a state we can’t become complacent and believe that innovation will continue to prosper if state regulations continue to deter investment. That’s why the state needs to wake up and see that we need to set actual goals for increasing R&D, goals for increasing job creation, and goals for decreasing high school dropout rates. We must start now!”